No-Nonsense Yoga

Practical, non-dogmatic, science based yoga combined with elements of zen and taoism.


About me:

I’m a BWY certified 250 hour yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing Hatha yoga for over ten years and started teaching in 2019. I was introduced to yoga by Richard Adamo and qualified as a yoga teacher under his guidance. Other teachers that have had a significant impact on my approach to yoga and philosophy include Danny Paradise, Jon Moult and Regina Hellmich.

I am based in West Wales (Aberystwyth) and Birmingham (U.K.)

What you will learn

Three key elements

Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing, dynamic form of yoga that utilizes the breath to link together a sequence of postures.


 Practical techniques for controlling the breath. Pranayama soothes and revitalize the body and mind.


Sitting meditation to focus the mind on the present moment.

Schedule of weekly classes and upcoming workshops

Workshops and Classes

Yoga For All

Ashtanga Yoga
Primary Series

Ashtanga Yoga
Second Series